Bar Plots in `Bokeh` & How to Embed Them

Creating my first simple bokeh bar plot– an interactive version of my plot of the neighborhoods where law enforcement in L.A. County killed the most Black people.

Scatter Plots on Mapbox with `plotly` Express in Python & How to Embed Them

Creating my first interactive map with Mapbox to show where each Black person who was killed by police in L.A. County died.

APIs & Interactive Maps with Leaflet in R

Requesting and mapping the International Space Station❜s pass times over U.S. state capitals.

Step-by-step: Scraping Epsiode IMDb Ratings

There are many tutorials out there that teach you how to scrape movies. This one shows you how to do that for the episodes of a TV series. We use python, BeautifulSoup, and Community as the example.

7 Ways You Can Further Customize the Hugo Academic Theme

Sharing some of the ways I customized this site for anyone that would like to make similar adjustments to theirs ✨